In Times of Agony we Persist​

We are committed, more than ever, to our community of artists, collaborators, team members, and to the people of Beirut.

Togetherness drives our organisation and continues to shape its programs and ways of operating. We are – and will continue – to actively work on radical curatorial strategies to address the present moment and provide solidarity and care.

Art, Ecology and the Commons: Together in Agony we Persist is an interdisciplinary program bringing artistic and ecological practices together in the aim of building a community on a 2,000-square-meter forest site along the bank of the Beirut River, in the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon.

Planted by theOtherDada in May 2019 as part of an urban afforestation initiative, a thriving native forest serves as host and muse.

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Bem Comum by art collective OPAVIVARÁ!, is a public commission by TAP as part of the exhibition and cross-cultural project Make Yourself at Home: Migration and Hospitality out of place, taking place in in Rio de Janeiro and addressing the global water crisis.

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The Database on Public Art Practices

Projects range from public sculpture to participatory art with over 400 entries classified and tagged according to type and temporality. This repository of information serves at once as a virtual time-traveling museum and an important source of information for further research projects and knowledge production.