These are unprecedented times.

We are all fragilized by economic, psychological and social collapses; summoned to continuously question our priorities. However, TAP and theOtherDada are no strangers to these challenges: it is because and in spite of this context of crisis that Art, Ecology and the Commons is more relevant than ever.

This project brought six participants together for ten days of experimental learning and exchange from and on a young forest site in Sin el Fil, punctuated by a series of commissions, public and outreach activities we have been stitching with individuals, collectives and institutions who share our values and positioning vis a vis our communities during these times of distress. Our program seeks to harness this young forest’s interdependence and resilience to inspire and bring a community together under circumstances of undeniable agony in a gesture of persistence.  

The image of this community, united and speculating on possible tomorrows has been our solace, a contaminating energy we built the program from. Can togetherness be harnessed as a practice?


In parallel to the Study, a  public program free and accessible to all unfolded throughout the ten days of Art, Ecology, and the Commons.

For more details, read the AEC Brochure here 

In Times of Agony we Persist​

We are committed, more than ever, to our community of artists, collaborators, team members, and to the people of Beirut.

Togetherness drives our organisation and continues to shape its programs and ways of operating. We are – and will continue – to actively work on radical curatorial strategies to address the present moment and provide solidarity and care.