Meziara International Artists Residency / Meziara, North Lebanon (2014)

A one-month program took place in the village of Meziara (Northern Lebanon). The focus of the residency was an industrial complex sited in the oak forest that surrounds the village. Concerned for the ecological damage caused by these commercial activities, the village municipality was finalizing plans to relocate the site. The program offered participants the opportunity to engage with the site and the local area, address environmental issues and adopt a responsive engagement with that environment and the immediate community to create public interventions. This residency was organized by Temporary Art Platform based on an idea by artist Souheil Sleiman, hosted and generously supported and funded by the municipality of Meziara.​ Vikram Divecha (India/UAE), Axel Meunier (France), Andrea Garza Romero (Mexico), Laura Yuile (UK), METASITU (Latvia /Spain), Patricia Barakat (Belgium /Lebanon) were selected by the curator and co-coordinator of the residency.