Anab Ul Firdos

Auj Khan

There are many similarities between Lebanon and Pakistan in terms of their volatile socio-political status. The collective yearning for stability and the desire for peace is a global call, much so for the ones who have been struggling fearlessly for it. The unrest is very visible in Lebanon’s visual landscape of the red and the white and its graffiti. The marshal presence along with its gorgeous vegetation, swirling wines, and breathtaking blue of the Mediterranean; a remarkable collision indeed. Behind the gorgeous beauty, its red is painful and the recurrent image of the “monarch”, an achingly endless lead to a heaving promise of “peace”…

Date: 2005

Location: Aley

Medium: Installation

Material: N/A

Section: Contemporary

Duration: Temporary

Tags:  Site-specific Intervention

Framework: Artists' International Workshop: Aley

Authorizations: N/A

Commissioner: N/A