Few pixels decrypting the most intelligible text message

This project is a mobile art action that explores several questions related to communication. During the exhibition, participants can send any message to the mobile phone of the artist through the famous popular application WhatsApp. By means of a software specially designed by Mbarkho for this task, these text messages will become images. These latter are generated by their binary codes that are nothing but the basic unit that the smartphone uses to store data. In his turn, Mbarkho replies to the participant by re-sending the resulting image as well as other images from himself via WhatsApp, manipulating this way the different layers of meaning to query our ordinary chat experience.

Date: 2016

Location: ALBA parking lot

Medium: Installation

Material: N/A

Section: Contemporary

Duration: Temporary

Tags:  Participatory Art

Framework: Breaking charm: cheating urban experience

Authorizations: N/A

Commissioner: N/A