Yazan Halwani

Yazan Halwani describes his project Feyrouz as follows: “Lebanese and Arab people have seen a great decline in all fields in the last few decades. One of these fields being music, I decided to paint the portrait of Fayrouz, that way our children will not grow up saying “I want to be like this politician whose face is plastered on a wall”, but rather “I want to be like Fayrouz” a respectable, creative artist, and above all a symbol. Maybe that way we will have less burnt tires, less pseudo-singers, and more creative people. I wrote a sentence by Palestinian rapper Tammer Naffar to illustrate this decline: “Jdoudna Ikhtara’ou Al Sofor, Wa Ah’fadhom Sarou Sfoura” (Our Grandfathers invented the Zero, and their grandchildren became Zeroes).”

Date: 2013

Location: Gemmayze

Medium: Graffiti, Mural

Material: N/A

Section: Modern

Duration: Ephemeral

Tags:  Urban & Street Art
Monuments & Memorials

Authorizations: N/A

Commissioner: N/A