Radio silence

Radio Silence broaches the subject of boundaries in a direct way. Located in one of the city’s most controversial points, Horsh Beirut Park, that was bombed and burned in 1982 during one of the many wars that have raged here. Until recently, access to the area was forbidden, but now it can be visited on Saturdays, while a certain part of the park is open every day. A metal fence separates the two parts. The Silence project connects the two parts by means of a recreational element: a swing hanging directly from the fence. It is an invitation to people on both sides to play together.

Date: 2016

Location: Horsh Beirut

Medium: Installation, Urban furniture

Material: N/A

Section: Contemporary

Duration: Temporary

Tags:  Site-specific Intervention
Participatory Art

Authorizations: N/A

Commissioner: N/A