The Sioufi garden project

Marwan Rechmaoui

A permanent sculpture in Sioufi Public Garden does not communicate to the public a set of historical accounts, but is rather adapted to the contextual space in the park itself. Rechmaoui, explains: “The piece is a simple sphere, but the choice came from its friendly shape and playful aspect, which is appropriate for a park that will receive children. It was also inspired by the sloped ground and vegetation curves of the site.” He goes on to describe the younger audience as “delighted since children are attracted to the spherical shape, associating it with a regular play ball.”

Date: 1997

Location: Sioufi Garden

Medium: Sculpture

Material: N/A

Section: Contemporary

Duration: Permanent

Tags:  Public Sculpture
Site-specific Intervention

Framework: Sioufi Garden Project

Authorizations: N/A

Commissioner: Ashkal Alwan, the municipality of Beirut