Ziad Abillama

As per the curator’s request, artists included in the Sanayeh Garden Project were each given a set space within the park to show their work. Responding to this organizational configuration, Abillama handed out a questionnaire to the participating artists asking permission to expropriate 30 cm of their allotted space to show his work. If accepted, Abillama would be allowed to exhibit whatever he desired, based on an agreement made with the respective artists. In his questionnaire he asked, “What is the relationship between art, the private (sphere) and the other?” and “Do you think all the artists are a family? Who do you think will be this family’s enemy? What is the artist role in the making of our Nation?”38 After posing these questions, Abillama’s request was vehemently denied.

Date: 1995

Location: Sanayeh Garden

Medium: N/A

Material: Text

Section: Contemporary

Duration: Temporary

Authorizations: Text

Commissioner: N/A