Urban hives

Nathalie Harb

Bees are responsible of the regeneration of our ecosystem, whilst being at risk of extinction. Beirut gardens have gradually disappeared as a consequence of either war or reconstruction. Many have been erased and transformed into parking lots privately owned. Urban Hives is a public intervention re-introducing green spaces in parking lots. The project proposes a platform slightly larger than a car, raised on scaffoldings, allowing a car to park underneath it, whilst offering a little garden on its surface with a small section dedicated to urban farming. The low-cost structure is a module that can multiply to become a large communal garden for the local communities, in an attempt to amend the sterile urban landscape of parking lots and raise questions about the possibilities of altering the private sphere by creating within it, public spaces. Each module is connected to a hive.

Date: 2018

Location: Hamra

Medium: Installation

Material: N/A

Section: Contemporary

Duration: Temporary

Tags:  N/A

Framework: Beirut Design Week

Authorizations: N/A

Commissioner: N/A